Thomas Balsley’s lone landscape architectural voice speaks at “Global Interchanges 2015”

Hosted by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Design (CTBUH) in NYC, this week long forum has attracted the world’s leaders in architecture, development and political policy. Tom was invited to present a case study in landscape urbanism, the Guiyang Riverfront Cultural District Master Plan, prepared in collaboration with SOM and for the Zhongtian Group. In pursuit of intelligent density, the urban plan lays out a strategy that responds to the government’s policy to move 250 million people to new and existing urban areas in the country’s interior. Guiyang’s 4 million population (the same as L.A.) will double in 15 years. Establishing a new paradigm for sustainable density and inward urban core growth (not sprawl), the plan is driven first by an interwoven network of open spaces, rivers, natural features, boulevards and public transportation hubs.