Virtual Access provided soon to Brooklyn’s Pacific Park

While evocative renderings complete with low-flying birds, careful attention to ethnic representation, and near dream-like ambient environments play a role in the communication of both vision and emotion, the more recent emergence of augmented and virtual realities seek to place the user within, giving promise to a designers ability to introduce dimensions of touch, smell, and sound to their proposals. While agents and brokers have been quick to embrace the immediate marketing impacts VR brings to a buyers need for visual satiation, Greenland Forest City Partnership (GFCP) seeks to redefine real estate sales, with a solid understanding of public space and its contribution to the livability sought with any given property; a selling feature often overshadowed by the plethora of indoor amenities dazzling the prospective buyer.

GFCP is pioneering the use of this technology at 550 Vanderbilt, the first of 10 new residential towers to be built-out in the coming decade. The buildings are part of a larger 8-acres public open space environment – Pacific Park – designed by Thomas Balsley Associates.

The fully immersive VR will be revealed at the sales office for 550 Vanderbilt and Pacific Park this month. With the ability to locate oneself within the development’s proposed park, viewers will be transported to the exterior public space and its unique experiences. Currently, there are four locations programmed as part of the experience with more to come. Thomas Balsley Associates has worked closely with GFCP and VUW Studio to accurately capture the full effects of Pacific Park’s exterior environment.

See some early stills of the project and read more here.