New Jersey Institute of Technology Green

newark, nj

client: new jersey institute of technology

This campus, like many others, has suffered from the lack of a coherent plan, rendering its campus experience to a series of passages through disconnected interstitial spaces. A key component of the landscape master plan was the identification of new building sites on campus that would shed light on a comprehensive assessment of open spaces and movement systems. The master plan calls for the removal of unnecessary streets and parking from the central core to make room for a new campus green and promenades together with secondary and tertiary courtyards, greens, and pathways.
The new spaces have redefined the campus image and created a new landscape system that brings visual order and wayfinding to the campus. The plan also includes design guidelines for lighting, furniture, paving, walls, and other landscape elements whose uniformity will contribute to that goal. The first phases of the “Green” and “Promenade” have dramatically and immediately transformed the campus character and finally brought opportunities for outdoor activities and socializing.