Public Safety Answering Center

bronx, ny

client: city of new york ddc

The landscape is a key component of the PSAC II site. This new five hundred million dollar emergency call center is strategically located in the Bronx, New York and will facilitate emergency response for the City of New York.
An earthern grassland berm completely envelops PSAC II’s architecture and establishes a visual connection between PSAC II and the adjacent parkways, playing a strategic role in both securing the highly sensitive site and relieving a potentially obtrusively hard appearance.
The site perimeter is defined by a security wall which rises three feet above the adjacent parkway grade, and is topped with a scrim-like fence designed by Thomas Balsley Associates to allow the site within to be seen. The simple square tube fence is powder coated in a stainless steel like silver to maximize its potential reflective qualities, and embrace the colors of the surrounding landscape. Simple forms, crisp lines and green technologies such as dual use paving, innovative storm water management and native low maintenance plant palettes characterize the PSAC II landscape.