Naftzger Park

wichita, ks

client: TGC Development Group/Seneca Development

Naftzger Park, an existing one-acre park, is re-envisioned as the City’s new gateway—connecting Old Town with a burgeoning entertainment district near the Downtown Core. This space was designed in the 1970s to evoke a “historic” Victorian-style park within the City, complete with an iron gate perimeter, dense planting, natural stone rockwork, pong, World’s fair benches, and cast-iron gazebo. With a complicated history spanning back to the early 1900s, the park is rarely used by the general public, with the exception of occasional prom pictures. The new Naftzger Park will activate a burgeoning district, as well as catalyze the development of adjacent commercial and retail parcels. While saving the best of the existing mature canopy, a large, new central lawn will host flexible programming for a range of visitors, from daily users to special events.