101 Warren

new york, ny

client: edward minskoff equities, inc.

Perched atop a two-story structure, towered over by a connecting residential high rise and surrounded by studio apartments, this unique urban pine forest stands in a bed of low-hanging fog and reaches to the clear skies above. One hundred and one white pines, planted in a loose formation of elliptical mounds, seem cast adrift in a sea of washed river stone. Dwarf mugo pines cover each mound like a carpet with raised Corten steel edges mediating the pine and gravel dialogue. This minimalist mono-culture of a landscape is a poetic distillation—both sample and symbol—of the peace and repose to be found in the great pine forests of the world. Whether standing in the middle of it, or simply viewing it from afar, residents can enjoy the year-round display of lush greenery; wooded decks outside the residents’ lounge at the forest floor offer a closer view of the varied topography, as well as fresh mugo pine scent from the forest’s understory.


Award of Excellence – AIA NY