Martha Stewart Summer Residence

east hampton, ny

client: martha stewart

When first approached, the property looked as if very little had changed in eighty years. Everything about it reflected an interest in summer breezes and beaches rather than labor-intensive gardening. In dramatic contrast, the new owner’s primary interest was in entertaining within a landscaped environment.
The final plan reconciles competing space requirements by relocating all driveway, drop-off and parking functions to the property’s edge. It is an efficient, compact arrangement that preserves a significant area for formal gardens. The front yard is now a circular entertainment lawn framed by formal rose gardens—the owner’s passion. The formality is carried around the house through a series of garden “rooms” and “doorways,” each serving a specific function, yet all strongly connected with axis lines and view corridors. Gates, portal, treillage and arbors help to define each garden room’s edges, walls and entrances. Carefully selected antique garden objects such as urns, statuary and obelisks are employed provide points of interest beyond the horticultural delights. Of particular interest are the rose arches inspired by Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. This lush garden environment provides its owner with hours of visual and spiritual enjoyment each day, yet also has accommodated numerous outdoor fundraising events with up to 500 guests.


Honor Award – ASLA NY